WEBSTER,TX. (Nov.5,2015)

Houston Physicians’ Hospital is proud to offer robotically assisted technology to select orthopedic patients by implementing the surgeon-controlled MAKO Robotic-arm Assisted System. The robotic arm focuses on minimally invasive partial knee replacement.

MAKO is a robotic arm that is controlled by the operating surgeon and is an advanced application designed to help appropriate patients in need of partial knee or total hip replacement.

“With an increased demand for partial and full joint replacement procedures, having the most accurate and minimally invasive technology at our fingertips allows us to greatly improve patient outcomes, reduce their pain and restore their quality of life,” said Anthony Melillo, M.D., orthopedic surgeon at Houston Physicians’ Hospital.

Operating a synchronized robotic arm and computer, certified surgeons at Houston Physicians’ Hospital control the arm’s movement and performs surgery with pinpoint accuracy. The system, accurate to within less than 1 mm, provides significant benefits to both patients and operating surgeons. The robot also provides tactile, auditory and visual feedback during the procedure, ensuring surgeons are operating within the correct parameters.

For patients, incisions are significantly smaller than regular surgery with minimal tissue damage and blood loss. Post-operative pain is kept to a minimum and, in general, the procedures are performed as same-day surgeries. Surgeons at Houston Physicians’ Hospital have greater confidence in accuracy and that the outcome will be favorable without any difficult, follow-up surgeries required.

“By investing in innovative, top-of-the-line medical technology, we expand our capabilities to better serve our community,” said Nicholas Crafts, CEO of Houston Physicians’ Hospital. “Our physicians and staff hold our patients in the highest regard and it’s our priority to provide them with the best tools and get them back to living pain free.”

Dr. Melillo and Laura Torres-Barré, M.D., are the only robotically trained surgeons in the Bay Area. Dr. Melillo of Bay Oaks Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and Dr. Torres-Barré of the UTHEALTH Department of Orthopedic Surgery will be performing these robotic surgeries at Houston Physicians’ Hospital.

To learn more about robotic assisted surgery, visit HoustonPhysiciansHospital.com